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We are now offering the pure ormes whitepowdergold to those who are primarily interested in the spiritual metamorphosis we address on our website.  In conjunction with the formulas there is an ongoing group that evolved out of our work with our customers--those who have connected with us over the years. Beginning as phone gatherings this group now includes optional physical conclaves (in july on the East coast, in autumn here in the mountains). We  make the formulas available to those primarily interested in the deeper spiritual aspects--including new stronger formulas beyond the whitepowder gold Ormes and Seed--however  within the context of an overall approach that emphasis the spiritual metamorphosis foundational to our approach.  This approach will not be what everyone, the majority, are looking for.   The groups focus is on High AlchemyTM in the context of the global transformation--the challenges and therefore opportunities your world is in the midst of as you read these words.  This is regarding the true high-spin Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORME's) from the patent. The exact steps used to formulate and the patent are at
We get a lot of questions about weight. Unlike various ormus powders the high-spin Ormes cannot be sold by the gram, or any weight measurement since it is as light as air and just getting it from the vial to your mouth without the powder literally "wafting" off the measuring spoon takes attention. Weighed twice one would get two different weights depending on the time of day, humidity etc. Literally right on the edge of physicality-- pure white ultra light powder with volume (space) but negligible weight. Along with other unusual properties it "seeps" through regular blue or amber glass bottles or vials, and cannot be shipped in same. We have special sterile borosilicate (autoclavable) vials made to contain the Ormes powder with no loss. 
5 grams of the pure Ormes whitepowder gold would fill a bucket, volume without weight,  as described by the ancient alchemists. 
In our opinion--The pure ORMES needs to be formulated per Hudson's patent at very high temperatures- we use a  crystal oven we had made for us- at 1200 plus degrees C. using one of the noble gases  (see our Regension formulated from xenon for more info re: noble gases). It's suggested helium or argon must be used. This is incorrect, based on our research, other noble gases can be used and causes a subtle difference in the ORMES formulated. At lower temperatures the powder is less pure and although it may be called "whitepowder gold" we would not refer to it as the pure ORMES.  David Hudson addressed this speaking of impurities that showed up but disappeared as the the formulating process moved along with higher temps under pressure and magnetic shielding. At Cornell U. with x-ray analysis David's first  material assayed as iron, aluminum, silica and trace amounts of other impurities- this was the material made at relatively low temperatures with hydrogen. Some folks doing their own wet method  will find other impurities such as sodium and actual metallic gold, showing the process is incomplete (from our viewpoint). As David perfected his work using much higher temperatures, magnetic shielding, and controlling the gas as well as the temperature movement both rising and lowering-- the trace elements, "impurities" including any trace of metallic gold dissapeared and the material showed the mysterious weight loss we reference and turned a very pure white showing some properties similar to quartz (the clear crystal used to hold, focus and release energy by scientists as well as metaphysicians). The Iridum Ormes appears to actually float at times during the formulating process.
There is not a one to one ratio of metallic gold to the Ormes, that would not be economically feasible. A small volume of metallic gold produces a large amount of very light "fluffy" Ormes powder. The original alchemical transcripts referred to a seed within the gold. The analogy would be the relationship between an orange seed and an orange; the seed and the fruit. Quote: "the life-giving substance becomes thoroughly mixed with the substance of the metal and the transformation can begin. The seed of the plant is in the plant; the seed of the animal is in the animal; and here too the seed  rests in the metal. It is not sufficient merely to melt the gold into molten liquid, it must be reduced further to release the light-seed." 
The art of alchemy has been been 'lost' or kept secret (since it was misused in Atlantis) until  the physical body is pure enough to withstand the forces and the true alchemist seeks  to stimulate the activity of the element or atom with which he is working  increasing it's vibration to bring about the desired end. The same basic alchemical principle applies to precious metals as well as man. In the internal alchemy the transmutative process for humanity-- the inner fire, that which animates the atom, form, or human, is stimulated and strengthened till it first purifies and then escapes from the "imprisonment" of the sheath or level being transmuted. One could say it destroys the limiting bonds of that sheath freeing one to a greater life.  Worth considering--approached with maturity and understanding the potential to accelerate the process
 wonderfully. Is whitepowder gold the Philosophers' Stone? Not at all--the beginning is being called the end often do to naivate as well as simple commercialism--for sales--and the deeper understanding may be lacking.
Whitepowder gold is the first step to enabling  the physical body to become pure enough to accept and integrate the forces necessary for the deeper transmutation that we address. Whitepowder gold can be given safely to most of humanity at this point if done so wisely in the proper ratios and order-- that is not the case with the more powerful formulas available in time--a solid balanced foundation has to be first established and the Ormes powder (high-spin whitepowder gold) is an excellent means to doing so. So "High Alchemy™ begins at the end, beyond divisive seeking" but the formulas assisting the process need be given and taken in an intelligent and orderly process. Adolescent spirituality is always in a big hurry--and ends up causing imbalance but more--it ends up being by far the slower way-as the currents need to be brought back into balance. Sometimes literally losing lifetimes-- by far the slower way.
 So we proceed in a mature balanced manner to lay the foundation--not to get one 'high' or have various
 experiences--psychic or otherwise. The formulas lay the foundation for High Alchemy™  We would never respond to any challenge or promise of monetary award to show one how to make this or that--the pure Ormes and that which is beyond needs be made in relation to a spiritual path-each chemical step relates to a spiritual realization within the alchemist--without the spitiual realization the same step produces different results.  Unscientific? Sorry about that, alchemy is both art and science and always the consciousness of the alchemist making the material as well as the one consuming the formula is paramount.
First our apologies but because of the way that we work there is always a "lead time". Making the pure ormes powder (white powder gold) based on each individuals state takes time and we have started live phone gatherings to go much deeper into  the spiritual metamorphosis we address throughout the site as well as preparing a place in the mountains to gather occasionally (not to stay) since so many requested the wish to gather physically. With many reaching now we would start by saying if you are here out of curiousity please go elsewhere. If you are here primarily due to a physical illness that you heard whitepowder gold was a 'quick fix' for, please go elsewhere. If your primary interest is in physical longevity, feeling and looking younger, please go elsewhere. Of course health and longevity are part of the rainbow body process but if those are your primary interest/concern--over the spiritual journey that we begin to address on the website--better to just begin with one of the liquid suspensions available from others ( we are very politically incorrect by clarifying who and what to avoid re: whitepowder gold on our site, WHITE POWDER FAQ, that should help you choose wisely for general health concerns).
We are not gurus, we do not function as such, you each have your own connections to Divinity. But we can help point  the way to those "other" roads and soften the impact of the times--glorious times as we literally step into a new Dream, a virgin future, but challenging times. 
Please note: there are now two phone gatherings/meditations a month for those who wish to participate (obviously free) These will be very interactive as we proceed so all can learn by hearing the response to a question about the Golden Triangle™ connection, or handling the growing intensity of energy, etc.  As we get to know each other through this medium the interaction can be as personal as you'll allow; some of you may join us in the mountains at some point but this medium also allows for a deep personal connection as we all become comfortable with it.
From the customer website
The form of AscensionAlchemy may change, the external formulas beyond whitepowder anything as well as the deeper internal alchemy and places of residence etc. but we obviously have no place to go and the speaker/writer wrote: "forever yours-- you have won our hearts". A commitment of love born out of your beauty, your goodness, your caring. The
numbers of you reaching have changed the form from individual "chats" to family gatherings. It may seem like a paradox that the more of you who reach, who gather, the more intimate the personal connection will be. But it is not a paradox it is a kind of universal law-- you create AscensionAlchemy and the more reaching in purity--for that, that truly Matters--the more will be available. Not because of who we are--but because of who you are.
The primary talk and meditation may last an hour and a half but the gatherings end organically as folks ask questions and express thoughts--for those who wish to stay while others 'drop off' when it feels right. So there is ample opportunity for folks to ask questions and get to know us, (and with this medium, others  joining you as well ) and for us to know you. If you have read the website you know we do not represent any single spiritual tradition, religion, priesthood, teacher, etc. The groups strength is in our diversity.
So...let's try this: the foundation of the external alchemical process is a broad spectrum m-state formula-- a formula containing all the transitional elements. The foundation is always a full spectrum ormus/m-state formula based on plant or ocean alchemy, moving through to alchemy based on the precious metals. Read any book on alchemy ancient or modern and the process both of making for others and taking oneself begins with that--plant alchemy--and proceeds to the precious metals. This higher alchemy needs to be approached with respect, platinum m-state is harmful for example if taken in the beginning--it opens up some of the centers above the head and the energy streaming down will cause problems if the "samskaras", subtle and not so subtle energy blocks are not first cleared away within the primary chakras 1-7. 
At any rate the foundation we make available is either a full spectrum plant or ocean/salt based. The plant based surprised us; it has been more effective than the more complex (to make and also more expensive) ocean alchemy. We ship it with the high-spin Ormes personal formula. 
The purpose of our phone gatherings are not to "soften" the challenges of any given time, it is to move into High Alchemy™  as discussed on: HIGH ALCHEMY™ : THE GOLDEN SEED but that softening is why we are offering this simple approach to our work-- so folks can begin and join those gatherings, for as we point out and score through discussion and meditation --almost like scoring glass--those joyful avenues together--along with the effect on each individual present, the "scoring" also makes those avenues more available for everyone on the planet. Hopefully that makes some sense, once glass is scored--even a shallow 'groove'-- it can be cut precisely following the line of the groove. 
As we work together with the deeper internal as well as the supporting external alchemy a good foundation and balance is key. White Powder Silver (alchemically ruled by the moon) for example comes out of the monatomic state of white powder into metallic silver, it is by far the least stable of the transitional elements; so you end up with metallic silver in your body. Copper may act likewise, ending as metallic copper depending on the nutritional balance of copper in your body. Copper can accelerate the aging process if not balanced properly (cross-linking) and silver be harmful to the kidneys over time.We use neither for those reasons. Other transitional elements (besides silver/copper) are much more stable in monatomic, or white powder form but each of the 11 (12 if you include mercury- although not included here) elements have unique properties and the combinations have different effects based both on the source metals and the ratios of the metals one to the other. And the effects will vary from indvidual to individual--there is no one size fits all just click on the "buy now" button and give your credit card. Alchemy does not work that way. 
White Powder Gold taken alone causes spaciness and fatigue, knowledgeable alchemists never gave or give the true Gold Ormes in isolation. We honor your Spirit and will work with you but offer our over 60 years (between us) experience of working with folks. Those who take thus always return for an individually formulated ratio based on their unique spiritual state as well as type of work, health etc. We realize that new age marketing is accentuating Gold and you may even see pure gold suggested  for sales purposes; in some cases even as a beginning point. Indeed that is a good way to identify beginners in a tradition that like any other takes time, dedication, and training rather then web-savy and marketing.  The usual hyped buzzwords of new improved quantum flux zero point lazar technology may be more of a warning to use your discrimination than a reason to give your trust to anyone including us--the music of the new alchemy flows from the chords of the ancients and the tradition takes a life time of dedication--it is a path to Divinity--the outer leading to the deeper inner alchemy.
Iridium has great value if given in proper ratio with other appropriate elements, but given alone it may well be harmful to many because of it's effect on cellular growth in a body that is already somewhat unbalanced--we would suggest taking care and taking intelligently.  Platinum can cause nervousness/anxiety (overstimulating the etheric head centers) and may debilitate the nervous system depending on when and by whom it is taken. So more is not necessarily better, as those of you schooled in alchemy are well aware. We met as teenagers and began our alchemical work together in the 1960's, at first on ourselves. We continuously discover subtleties regarding the ratio of these elements in combination. For that reason it is well worth while taking a few minutes to include the basic info mentioned above with your formula. A brain surgeon is obviously going to have differnt needs than a taxi driver than a yogi in the mountains than a single working mom raising a young child
So; first-- the following is not appropriate if you are seriously ill. Serious illness meaning a terminal disease such as cancer or aids or a serious debilitating disease such as MS--you need fine tuning in the ratios in that case and the physical healing properties of m-state are being misrepresented (nano sized gold to target gamma rays referred to as m-state gold healing cancer when it only acted to focus the gamma rays, etc.)  and exaggerated for marketing purposes. To give parameters diabetes, though 'serious' would certainly nor preclude one from proceeding, nor would arthritis-you would however need to inform us of that--not by email--but by following the process that follows.
So if:
1.You are reasonably healthy
2.Still "with us" here for the deeper spiritual metamorphosis we address.
3. Realize that the external formulas are not the greater part of High Alchemy™; there are separate customer webpages for each octave that give spiritual "exercises", which include geometric non-traditional 'mandalas' to meditate on etc.-- we are only talking about 8-10 minutes a day (too much would overstimulate certain chakra centers and endocrine glands). There are now  ongoing live phone gatherings/meditations that are an important part of our work and play together-- but taking the fomulas as a 'pill' without participating in the internal alchemy is a waste of both of our times. The live phone gatherings will take on more and more significance as we move through this year. There will also be physical gatherings for those interested in High Alchemytm happening here:

"An experiment is now being made to shift the focus of the groups inwards and yet, at the same time, to increase their potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group centre upon the outer plane. All in the group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together they will learn; together they will stand with impersonality; together they will render service to the world." From all religions and spiritual traditions they will gather, honoring each- transcending all-diversity as the foundation of unity. They will remain in the world-in every country-in every walk of life. Yet gather they will in the (more real) inner planes, far beyond the glamour of the astral -an experiment is now being made. 
Just as the phone gatherings are free the physical gatherings will not be a profit making venture. Just the basics to cover our costs and if your willing to be simple we are in the process of building space where you will be able to stay and cook, avoiding hotel costs. We love that so many of you are so invloved in your world: teachers--healers--waitresses--doctors, etc, etc.and yes, exotic dancers and other more colorful livlihoods as well.  If you go deeply into this process there are times when you may want to "get away"--not run away but get away. Times of group initiation--which will take place--or times after a new inner opening when you may feel a bit "raw" or vulnerable while you integrate the higher frequencies flowing in--you folks literally gave birth to the mountain place--it is for you. One of the Hopi sacred sites, so as you can imagine, a deeply healing space.
4. Do not need to have your hand held-there are just too many now for us to work the way we have--so the individual contact will take place during the gatherings. The first time we connect will likely be then. That can be very personal and individual in the sense that along with whatever we have to impart there will be time for questions/answers. Discussion of individual issues always relate to the "issues" of others who are present so inevitably help other people as well.
5.You can help yourself and your world  move through this quite challenging time elegantly and joyously with less pain--it takes over 4 weeks to properly formulate and charge Ormes and you will not receive your formulas until everyone in the que-line receives theirs. 3 months for your first cycle, (after that you'll be in the flow if you continue) but we'll open the gatherings up as soon as we receive. You are welcome to participate in the gatherings right away, although some things may not make a lot of sense prior to starting the formulas. 
So please realize at this point there is a 3 month lead time for the physical formulas--but no lead time for the gatherings once your info. is received via snail mail. 
Of course "you create" but within a living loving Being and Her intent for the time is for folks to come to their true core, to let go of the superficial and 'conditioned delusion'; so , again, the challenge of the year is to do that in the conscious joyful ways available rather than the unconscious tried and true-- folks who go through the pain, tragedy and violence will indeed come to their deeper 'core'-- our work together is to open the higher avenues for ourselves of course but also for our loved ones and our world. 
so if you proceed we'll start by formulating a ratio of the high-spin Ormes powder for you that will be taken with the broad spectrum plant based formula we'll discuss below.  Please do not email these orders, we get more emails then we can reply to; only by snail mail please with a check or money order. 
sorry about the archaic check/money-order but with the  lead times of apprx 3 months for literally "made to order" formulas too often expiration dates changed, credit cards changed etc. and too much time was spent going back and forth.
Each octave is comprised of two vials- so vials 1 and 2, the first two vials complete the first octave: Vials 1&2=octave 1. Vials 3-4, octave 2. Vials 5-6 octave 3). 
Vials 1 & 2 being the smallest order since the 2 vials will last almost 3 months while 1 will last apprx. 6 weeks and we are back to the point we started. So this is for folks who wish to start and complete the two vials that comprise octave 1.
If you wish you can include information--again please with the order, not sent as a separate email--about yourself and we can begin to formulate personally with this first order. we'll include the info helpful to us below--and it will only take a few minutes. If not we can formulate a basic balanced formula consisting of the Ormes elements conducive to building a foundation for deep lasting change--the spiritual metamorphosis we address on this website--rather than getting "high" or over stimulation. The rainbow body is quite real but a deep "real" foundation is needed. The Rhodium ( in the true Ormes powder form rather than the weaker liquids we sell on our site for general health), is as important as the gold. David Hudson found m-state rhodium in the brains of animals and postulated the same would be found in humans--we suggest a 25 year old would not have as much as that same person at 35 if they have been meditating and 'doing' internal alchemy for 10 years. As many of you know too much gold will make you spacey and physically lethargic, tired, and can be detrimental to the linear, logical thought processes necessary to function well in this world. Although it is the most hyped-- no alchemist with any understanding of the process would give gold alone. We honor your path and will work with you but offer our opinion. Platinum taken out of sync can overstimulate the central nervous system, due to the etheric effects already discussed,  in our opinion. Iridium can cause a hormonal imbalance via it's effect on the thyroid. Monatomic Silver, even if properly made will often change to metallic silver in the body and can be detrimental to your health and kidneys; and for an entirerly different reason m-state copper often also becomes standard metallic copper in the body--what occurs in vitro--in a test tube--does not hold true in viro--especially with Ormes.
Prices for the pure Ormes powder from precious metals: $135 per vial - 6 week supply comes in a sterile borosilicate glass vial (high-spin Ormes cannot be shipped in the regular glass or blue glass bottles we use for the liquid suspensions) with measuring spoon. 
Hudson's Best plant based full spectrum m-state described below: $29 only shipped with the Ormes powder. 
So a 3 month course: $270 for the complete octave 1 -- the first 2 vials, vials 1 & 2.  We'll include a free order of Hudson's best with octave 1 since it is best to take with each vial and both the Ormes and "Best" last about 6 weeks ($29 per 4 oz.) so: $270 ormes + $58 two "Hudson's Best" + $6.95 s/h would normally be $334.95. However we will include a free Hudsons Best so subtract a free "Best" plant based ($29 discount)--and include $305.95 total if you wish to proceed in this way completing octave 1 with the foundational broad spectrum for support.
$305.95 total including S/H in USA. 
$309.95 total including S/H to Canada, Mexico or the Americas.
$315.95 total including S/H to the EU 
$317.95 total including S/H to anywhere else on the planet
we  keep the total around $100 a month including the formulas and corresponding customer website for oct.1 with meditations, as well as the phone gatherings/meditations. Although there is no personal consul initially now, if you take the time to communicate your situation regarding health, work etc. written with your order the Ormes powder can be formulated specifically for you Perhaps even more so this way since you can go into as much detail as you wish. 
Sorry about the archaic check/money-order but with the  lead times of apprx 3 months for literally "made to order" formulas too often expiration dates changed, credit cards changed etc. and too much time was spent going back and forth.
Overseas folks can use a credit card (3.5% added to cost) by emailing us for instructions.
If you wish to add Chrysalis 8 at $31.95 per bottle of course do so [each bottle lasts apprx. as long as one vial of the powder] but no more than that-for those connecting this way-- either the 2 formulas-the Ormes and plant based powder, or 3 formulas if bottles of Chrysalis 8 are included--are excellent ways to proceed. Each Chrysalis 8 lasts approximately as long as one vial of Ormes and no additional s/h is added for first time customers. 
For additonal savings order Octaves 1&2 together. 4 vials total with 4 Hudson's Best: Discounted price for new folks: 
$569.95 total including S/H in USA. 
$574.95 total including S/H to Canada, Mexico or the Americas.
$579.95 total including S/H to EU
$581.95 total including S/H to anywhere else on the planet
This also reduces the price to apprx. $90 per month. Two of the vials will be charged to octave 2 and packaged as well as labeled clearly as such.
Again you can simply add $31.95 per bottle if you wish to add Chrysalis 8, each bottle lasts apprx. as long as each vial of whitepowder  old.
For those few who wish to complete all 3 octaves the special price for new folks including 6 vials (two vials per octave) as well as 6 orders of the Hudson's Best plant base:
$779.95 total including S/H in USA. 
$784.95 total including S/H to Canada, Mexico or the Americas.
$789.95 total including S/H to EU
$791.95 total including S/H to anywhere else on the planet
Please note this special is only for new folks ordering for the first time; over a $200 discount.
We will include 6 bottles of Chrysalis-8 with this complete (all 3 octaves) order for an additional $169 (discounted from $192) with no additional s/h. Simply add $169 to the total above depending upon your geographic location. 
Our new rural "home" does not get mail service, the post office does not come "up" to our mountain office. Therefore we offer the most secure mail possible, since we go personally and pick up our mail directly at the post office. 
ASC International
POB 102
Blanca, CO 81123 
IMPORTANT: IF YOU PROCEED IN THIS MANNER PLEASE WRITE ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE THE DATE YOU SENT THE ORDER (hard to read the post office date stamp) AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. WHEN WE RECEIVE WE NEED TO PUT YOU ON THE LIST TO RECEIVE INFO ON THE NEXT PHONE GATHERING AND WILL GET THAT INFO FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE WAY BEFORE YOUR ORDER IS OPENED Info can be written on the front flap or anywhere on the outside of the envelope. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE-YAHOO SUCKS- YOU'LL NEVER RECEIVE INFO WE SEND AS GROUP EMAILS SO PLEASE NO YAHOO, HOTMAIL, G-MAIL ETC. Rather your primary ISP or an email address you are sure will receive the information sent as a group email (only your name will be seen, your email address will not show or be given to anyone.
High-spin Ormes needs to be made in small batches, it cannot be done on a 'production line'; we'll close to new folks again, and move back to a waiting list when the numbers get prohibitive.
Here's info helpful to us if you wish to include allowing us to formulate specifically for you although we will not be talking one on one at this point--but rather in the gatherings
*health issues/physical body challenges: we are not medical professionals nor do we give medical advice, however health issues can effect the way we formulate your vials-the elements as well as the internal ratio of the elements so this input may effect your formulas. 
*type of work-focus needed: a taxi driver in NYC has different needs than an organic farmer in california, etc. we are looking for the focus needed and others you may be responsible for-a 5th grade teacher has a number of young folks she is responsible for, as an example. 
*family: children, life partner, aging parents etc. 
that same organic farmer in CA. who is 60 and single has different needs then an orgainic farmer who is 35, has 6 kids and 2 mortgages
*If you wish feel free to give us an idea of the "path", your way of approaching Divinity. We have folks who are Christian through the spectrum to breatharian yogi's living in the mountains. As you move along there is a series of meditation/exercises (9- 10 minutes a day; so not instead of any current disciplines) that change as the powder increases in strength-these can be altered somewhat depending on your approach. If you have a specific teacher and 'way' we need to be sensitive to this and proceed accordingly. You also need to be sensitive if you join in the gatherings--that the group is probably as diverse as any has ever been-given our approach and the ability to transcend geographic boundaries--folks from all over the world and many traditions connecting. So if you believe your way is the only way you would not be comfortable joining us for the gatherings.
Please do re-read: http://www.asc-alchemy.com/mono.html if you wish to understand what we mean by charging, octaves etc. 

Here's one of a number of  geometric non traditional fractal mandalas on one of our customer's octave websites.  The colors and shapes together with the "exercise" given on the website help to integrate the centers and corresponding parts of the brain we're working with for that specific octave. Perhaps you can feel those centers just by the initial effect.
Please Note
once you send your order in keep in touch with the general website page where we announce the times of the gatherings: http://www.asc-alchemy.com/gold.html
and follow the suggestions of how to get your password when the gathering following your order comes up-explaining in your email that you sent in on such and such date and the other info asked for--so you won't miss anything while your order is being processed. Please still put the date sent and email address on the outside-it is helpful.  you will receive the customer website (different then the octave pages) with your order--there is a good deal of info there which is not on the regular website and that customer webpage will be the primary webpage you will go to in order to keep up with changes and "what's new"
True charged ORMEs should take one beyond the need to take any transformational substances, including this one, by awakening an internal alchemy that includes the production of new hormones from a transformed endocrine system as well as a balancing of  spiritual currents and meridians and clearing away of deep-seated blockages. Doesn't happen  overnight but it's helpful to see where we are "coming from" and the potential. Becoming dependant on an external alchemical formulation to achieve..... is ultimately counter productive; these formulations awaken the deeper internal alchemy that precludes the need to continuosly take external substances. It is these deeper changes that bring about the positive benefits to health and longevity.  White powder gold, platinum, or any of the transitional elements, go through  various changes as the metal to metal bonds are broken and through cycles of heating and cooling; the final powder indicating the complete absence of metal to metal bonds.  The process goes through various liquid states to the final white powder. Along the way, at certain points, you have a white liquid suspension of gold, platinum etc.  in the hydroxide or chloride state. 
Making the simpler white-liquid gold suspensions can certainly have positive effects; indeed we sell liquid suspensions of monatomic gold and other transitional elements. It is both easier and in some ways more efficient; the trade off is the white-liquids  are much weaker then the high-spin powder. A whitegold liquid suspension is a step on the way to producing the pure powder,  the fruit of the complete process in our opinion is the pure powder, white powder gold. 
As with any such process it takes a great deal of  the liquid to make the pure concentrated powder. A quart of milk for example makes only a small container of powdered milk. In that case the milk is a natural product; in this case the pure powder would be the more natural for it is the completion of the alchemical process that has white liquid suspensions as steps along the way to the high-spin powder. There are other liquid forms of monatomic  suspensions made from sea water, volcanic rock etc. but the pure white powder made from gold should be kept as a powder until the moment it is consumed, do not re-suspend in water unless you do so immediately prior to taking.
Different forms have different functions and we, as well as other good folks in the community, offer different forms. However the high spin powder properly charged should not be confused with a liquid suspension or mineral powder. And so....we begin this process in order to identify the best way for you, as an individual, to proceed. 

Hudson’s Best: Radiance
David Hudson, patent holder for ORMEs- high spin monatomic elements- tested a number of plants and herbs to ascertain which were highest in monatomic elements. We have gathered 7 of the best of these to form this plant based complex.  An excellent way to obtain a broad spectrum of all the m-state elements in a plant based form. If you check on the web you’ll find a number of studies showing the immune enhancing properties of these herbs- we believe this is partly due to their high m-state content The geological history/ m-state content of the soil the plants are grown in is as important as the type of plants. First to  identify the highest soil concentrations of monatomic elements, and then the plants that most effectively take-up ( through their roots) and further transmute these elements. The same herbs grown a matter of miles apart can vary widely in amounts of monatomic elements depending on the soil, not just fertility but geological history (pressure and heat). All herbs are either certified organic or wildcrafted and guaranteed not to be irradiated or fumigated, which happens with growing frequency even to domestic herbs. Wonderful support for the physical body as you go through the spiritual metamorphosis we speak to. Full spectrum ormus from either plant or ocean alchemy is the initial and foundational step. 
Although we no longer take whitepowder gold  ( you will also transcend the need for that external alchemical formula) we continue to take this full spectrum ormus simply because it is excellent for  physical health and well being. 
Other than the pure Ormes powder this innocuous bag of plant based m-state elements, based on David Hudson’s research and tests of numerous plants-vegetables, fruits, etc.- is one of the best broad spectrum source of safe  m-state elements on the market at a fraction of the price when sent with the pure Ormes powder. Safety is also important; often with the mineral, volcanic, inland sea bed, etc., along with the possibility of heavy metals is a factor no one is discussing or testing-bacteria count. The natural ormus products other than the sea-water or sea salt based formulas, [due to the high PH] tend to have a high bacteria count. Logical if you stop and think about it: exposed inland sea beds, minerals dug from the ground, volcanic ‘soil’ would be exposed and high in bacteria. Hudson’s Best are easily assimilated and legally quality controlled- as a safe plant based product. The herbs are organic or wildcrafted. It’s superior to our Somas and other products we are aware of other than the true Ormes powder, as an affordable full spectrum ormus source  . Our Somas formula is more expensive and more "profitable"; but frankly not as effective. A constant stream of feedback involving changes in blood count, liver enzymes, hormonal balance (based on before and after tests) , and general cleansing and detoxifying. We keep the price of Hudson’s Best low; comparable quality and amounts often sell for more than twice as much but we make it available for $29  with orders of the Ormes powder since they work wonderfully together. Excellent preparation and excellent maintenance to continue to take along with your formula of Ormes  powder if finances allow.
Please do not proceed without understanding our approach, we are not selling a magic pill in any sense--your participation is important--especially as we move through the later part of this decade.
Please read: FINAL THOUGHTS before you order
The capitals are not to yell, but we want to be sure you understand our approach. 
Blessings on your way
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