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Feb 19 13 6:28 AM

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Ancient Secrets of Vibratory Healing

Ancient Secrets of Vibratory Healing

Posted By: Jill  Date: Saturday, 16-Feb-2013 17:48:01

I found some fascinating ways ancient sages used sound and music to heal and balance their worlds.

The ancient Sumarians used a code to convert numbers of one's birth date to music. This music represents our over all vibratory essence. This code also converted their name to numbers and also to music. One's name contained his energetic blue print, containing his life path. Ancient people would sing "their song" to become balanced.

They would say their name with love to align their energies. The Sumarians reported that they received this code and methods from the "star people."

The ancient people used a system called Gematria, in which a number was assigned to each letter in the alphabet, and thus letters were converted into numbers. Numbers were then used as frequencies. For example the 25th letter of the alphabet would represent the number 25. The number 25 represented 25 cycles of sound per second or a very low note! This is one of many ways to convert sound to numbers and vice versus.

By the time Egyptians built the Pyramids and sphinxes, they had organized choruses of 12,000 voices and orchestras of 6000 instruments. I live in a town of only 8,000 people. I can imagine a chorus of 12,000 people with and orchestra of 8,000 people. Why so big?

Many believe that ancient people used directed and controlled sound to accomplish the heaviest labor for the building of the pyramids. Other ancient sages reported that each singer could access divine energy in the vibrations of their voice, so the more singers, the stronger the vibratory presence of God. Some music copied numeric patterns found in nature, thus making the listener one with Mother Earth.

In the Babylonian tradition of astronomy and numerology, ancient priests drew the zodiac on a circle and divided the circle into 360 degrees, assigning constellation to locations on the circle.

The ancient sages assigned special instruments and pitches to correlate to each zodiac sign. Next they assigned each zodiac sign a note in their musical scale.

The zodiac was now like a circular xylophone. The constellations directly across the circle contained energy that balanced one another. They then "played the stars" to alleviate challenging energy coming from the stars. Thus they used musical fung shui!

Let the stars play you some night, with a beautiful melody!

Free soundhealing mp3s found at bottom of home page at jill's website.

"He who is wise will keep an open mind until he has fairly tested the various proofs that are available to him" To be persuasive, one must be believable; To be believable, one must be credible; To be credible, one must be truthful.

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Mar 16 13 10:26 PM

The web has beautiful music. Thanks

I have been on a life long journey for creating a world without anger, healing mother earth and sending love to difficult people.

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